Dr Paul Adler and Dr Sophia Lahz will be ceasing practice at Parke Street Specialist Centre in Katoomba on 7th August 2024.

This will also result in the closure of Parke Street Specialist Centre and all of its services.

Dr Adler will be moving to the following location:

Nepean Valley Eye Surgeons, 46 Castlereagh St Penrith NSW 2750
Phone: 02 4721 5899

Dr Sophia Lahz will continue work at:

Leura Wellness, 7 Quinns Ave Leura.
Phone 0412 739 915.

Copies of Patients’ Ophthalmic records will be held at the above Penrith location.

Copies of Dr Lahz’s clinical records can be made available by calling 02 8006 7523.

For further information or referrals for our other NON-Ophthalmologists, please contact Parke Street Centre on 4782 8400 by 7th August 2024, or your referring GP or other practitioner.

For records / information from NON-Ophthalmologists after 7th August 2024 doctors, please contact the doctor in question directly, or via your referring practitioner (such as your GP).

Enquiries regarding Ophthalmic clinical records / matters should be made by calling 4782 8400 before 7th August 2024, or 4721 8599 after that date.

The decision to close the Centre was not made lightly.

It is a privilege looking after patients of the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas, and Dr Adler thanks his patients and the community of the Blue Mountains for their support.

We regret any inconvenience, and Dr Adler looks forward to seeing his patients at Nepean Valley Eye Surgeons.


What we do….

Parke Street Specialist Centre has been located in the Blue Mountains community for 10 years.  With a wide range of Doctors, we are a group of dedicated specialists and staff who strive to provide the best possible integrated quality health care services to our patients. 

Located on Parke Street in the centre of Katoomba in the scenic Blue Mountains of NSW, we are a team of 13 specialists, 4 clinical and 6 administration staff providing excellent health care services. We provide services for patients from the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas including Katoomba, Lithgow, Springwood, Penrith and Bathurst.

Founded by Dr Paul Adler (Ophthalmologist) and Dr Sophia Lahz (Rehabilitation Physician), we strive to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Dr Paul Adler and his team of 5 other specialists are eye doctors/ophthalmologists, who specialise in Cataract surgery, Glaucoma, Medical Retina (including macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy), surgical retina (including retinal detachments) and oculoplastics/eyelid conditions.

We have many Doctors within our practice specialising in a range of Medical services

The following services are also situated at our Parke Street rooms:

Helpful information when attending a Specialist Appointment: 

  • Medicare requires that access to any rebates for your specialist consultation need a current written referral.  A written GP or Optometrist referral is valid for 12 months and a written Specialist referral is valid for 3 months.  Your specialist at Parke Street Specialist Centre will report back to whoever wrote the referral for you.
  • A current referral is required for all services excluding Hearing Life, Vision Australia and Integrated Dental Health.
  • Specialists are often assessing patients, operating or doing research or teaching so will often have specific days and limited times for consulting.  Please be mindful that sometimes appointments need to be made well ahead of time.
  • Please remember to bring any relevant scans and test results with you to your appointment and a list of your current Medications.

For all urgent matters, please contact your GP, Optometrist or the nearest emergency department.

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