Dr Suheb Ahmed specialises in Cataract Surgery, Cornea & Anterior Segment, Glaucoma and General Ophthalmology. He also specialises in laser refractive surgery.


Dr Suheb Ahmed graduated from the University of Dundee, Scotland in 2000. Prior to joining Park Street Specialist Centre he was a consultant ophthalmologist at NHS Forth Valley, Scotland. He was also a consultant for Optical Express, Europe’s largest laser eye surgery provider.

Dr Ahmed undertook his Ophthalmology training in the UK beginning his specialist training in Cardiff, Wales followed by Yorkshire, England obtaining qualifications with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. He then completed his higher specialist training in Scotland obtaining Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. Dr Ahmed’s commitment to the most advanced training led him to work as a fellow in Cornea and Anterior Segment at the University of Auckland, NZ where he gained experience in corneal transplantation, management of refractive errors as well as contributing to research into collagen cross linking. He underwent additional specialist training in refractive surgery in the UK.

Refractive Cataract Surgery

Dr Ahmed offers the latest in cataract surgery techniques and the latest in intraocular lenses. Patients like the ease and rapid visual recovery from his surgical technique.

Dr Ahmed offers to suitable patients:

No needle anaesthesia

No Pain – Numbing anaesthetic drops

No Sutures – Key hole surgery

No Patches – Useful vision through a clear protective shield

In addition sedation is available from a specialist anaesthetist so there really is no need to worry.


Dr Ahmed has specialist experience in the management of Glaucoma. He is particularly keen on using the latest technological and medical advances to offer patients the closest monitoring and the best protection of their vision.

Professional Credentials

Dr Ahmed is a highly trained and experienced ophthalmic surgeon. He received a commendation in the undergraduate Duke Elder Prize for Ophthalmology. He graduated with the AK Johnston prize for an audit on Diabetic Retinopathy.

He has authored and co-authored many peer-reviewed research papers published in prestigious academic journals. His research has won prizes and resulted in major changes to the way patients are referred and managed in Scotland.

Dr Ahmed has lectured medical students for both the University of Edinburgh and University of Dundee, UK. He has also established and convened many professional training courses and conferences most recently with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Beyond Work

In his spare time, Dr Ahmed enjoys photography, badminton, soccer, and motor sports.

He hopes to contribute to the advancement of medical technology and to assist with medical training in the developing world.