Conjunctivitis is the term used to describe inflammation of the conjunctiva — the thin, filmy membrane that covers the inside of your eyelids and the white part of your eye (sclera).

Conjunctivitis is most commonly referred to as “pink” eye.

The conjunctiva, which contains tiny blood vessels, produces mucus to coat and lubricate the surface of your eye. When the conjunctiva becomes irritated or inflamed, the blood vessels become larger and more prominent, making your eye appear red. Conjunctivitis may occur in one or both eyes.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis include:

  • increased tearing;
  • soreness of the eye;
  • foreign body sensation;
  • itchiness of the eye;
  • hazy or blurred vision due to mucus or pus;
  • excess mucus (pus);
  • crusting of eyelashes in the morning.

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