Dr Sophia Lahz
Rehabilitation Physician
MB BS (Hons), FAFRM (RACP), Cert. Geriatric Medicine (UNSW)

Dr Sophia Lahz qualified as a rehabilitation physician in 1994, and has over 20 years of experience in the care of elderly people with conditions including dementia, recurrent falls, fractures, Parkinson’s Disease, incontinence, lower limb amputation, and general frailty. She was the visiting medical officer for the Bathurst Aged Care team for approximately ten years. Dr Lahz accepts GP referrals of patients with the abovementioned conditions.

Dr Lahz has worked variously in public hospitals as a staff specialist in rehabilitation medicine, as well as in private hospitals. She was the medical director (staff specialist) of the Bathurst Rehabilitation Service from 1995-2006.

Currently, she locums several times per year for rehabilitation physician colleagues in private hospitals, mostly taking care of elderly patients with complex medical/surgical conditions.

Dr Lahz has a long-term interest in the care of persons with traumatic brain injury, having worked as a visiting medical officer for an outpatient traumatic brain injury rehabilitation service in Bathurst from 1995-2016.

She is also experienced in the care of patients with specific disabilities such as chronic pain and spinal cord injury having worked in a chronic pain clinic and spinal cord injuries unit.

Dr Lahz can provide a specialist opinion for patients with spinal cord injury, chronic pain and traumatic brain injury on a GP referral basis.

Dr Lahz undertakes medicolegal assessments of persons injured in work/motor accidents at the request of statutory authorities including SIRA, Workers Compensation Commission and the Lifetime Care and Support Authority. She can also undertake medicolegal assessments at the request of claimant solicitors and insurers.